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Dear friend,

Have you been Searching for Safe and Consistent Ways to gain Profits in the Stock Market & Start Generating Huge Passive Income, other than the Income from your routine 9 to 5 job ?

IF you are Searching for a way to Build YOUR WEALTH through Stock Market INVESTING over a period of time CONSISTENTLY, Without any Technical , No Charting and News Monitoring. Most importantly, NO Stress and with PROVEN Track Records.

Then, this is the  MOST important letter, you’ll ever read because you’re about to discover…

An Investment Strategy that is so Powerful!
Even if the Dow Jones, S&P and STI Crash.
You Can Still Collect Your Passive Income!


STI via Vicom
The above chart “Straits Times Index (STI) vs VICOM Ltd”

The Question is, How YOU Can do it too …


Let’s take an SGX listed, inspection company VICOM as an example.

IF you have invested $4,350 buying 5,000 shares at $0.87 per share ($0.87 X 5,000 shares) 10 years ago, VICOM has appreciated to approximately $5.80 per share (now), you would have generated over 567% returns, $24,650.00  in pure profit.

But wait… what about your Dividends over the years?


Passive Income: $6,704.95

With the dividend collected ($6,704.95), you have already recovered more than 100% of your initial cost of shares purchase.


What’s more…  you have generated over 720% in profit. ($24,650.00 + $6,704.95.00 = $31,354.95) That’s about 24.5% compounded return per annum while sleeping.


The best part is, YOU can KEEP ALL of the PROFIT, because it is 100% Tax FREEThis is 1 of the Reasons, Why the Rich is Getting Richer…


So… Why keep your money in the BANK with just <1% interest p.a. When you can potentially generate MORE THAN 24.5% per annum yourself ?


But wait… before you invest your next dollar, you will need to understand what makes a Great Company with Proven Track Record.

Sounds challenging … ?

Don’t worry …

Because I’ll be holding you by your hand and share with you 3 case studies on how to spot Investable Grade Companies.

Just like what I have been doing for the last 2 years with more than 2683 participants and here’s the results … 


  Join me for a day of Content-Packed event &
Learn How You Can Unearth Great Companies
 like the above.


ken-cheeMy name is Ken. In 2008, I co-founded 8 Investment, a private investment company with zero capital. In less than 20 months, 8 Investment generated over $3.5 million in revenue. Today 8 Investment is a hugely successful investment, training and media corporation with over $20 million in assets under management and growing.

Now a self-made millionaire, I have achieved my dream of being financially free.  I have been featured on national media such as The Strait TimesThe Sunday TimesMy Paper; on radio, 938LIVE, 958FM; and in magazines, Reader’s Digest,Smart Investors and Shares Investments. Today, I am very much dedicated to paying it forward by educating the public to take charge of their financial future.

With the expertise and experience proven over time, 8 Investment has groom many individuals who have no investing background to becoming successful retail investors, private fund managers and international author in the field of value investing. Many have achieved 18%-60% annual compounding return. He is The Grand Master behind the Masters.

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 Massive Income Generator Workshop

I want to be honest and up-front with you. This workshop is not for everybody. If you are hoping to get wealthy by just attending this workshop or expecting some secret system that makes you rich with just a few minutes, this is NOT for you.

But if you are committed to build sustainable, long-term wealth by investing in great, honest, ethical companies that will grow in value and PAY you profits for a lifetime, then come join me.

During this Workshop, You’ll Discover:

green tick How to get HIGH Dividend Yields from your Investments and Start Generating Passive Income for Years to Come.
green tick Learn How to Generate 20%-25% returns per annum from Your Investments While You Sleep, with Proven Results.
green tick Make Your Money Work Smarter and Harder Without Looking at Charts, News, Trading and Options/CFD.
green tick Pick up tips on How to Apply Value Investing the RIGHT way and Start Getting Results (The Warren Buffett’s Way) on Singapore and Malaysia listed companies.

and much more…

Now… I am not going to play those pricing game of giving you a price and cut it down. because I don’t like to beat around the bushes.


The price for this workshop is Only $19.00 !
For a Full Day Content-Packed Workshop
Each ticket is inclusive of a Bento Lunch &
a “Value Investing Made Easy” Book Worth $19.00

Your investment of  $19.00
to get a day of education with lunch and book. Isn’t it a NO brainer deal?

I want to help as many of you as possible. Because  I was once broke and got to start working for money at the age of 13,  when my dad was heavily in debt, due to the Pan Electric Crisis in 1985 and I know how it feels.

I am not kidding, you can Google “recession hero + ken chee” MediaCorp (Channel 5) did a 30 minute TV show featuring my story.

But In order for me to help you you need to ACT now because the ticket could RUN OUT any time as you are reading this message.


 Register for this Event
Massive Income Generator Workshop


Due to my commitment to deliver high quality workshop to you,  I can only allow  180  people to attend this session on the 24 May 2014, Saturday.

Please do not ask me to let you in, when the 180 tickets are taken up. As 180 pax is the maximum capacity of the seminar room.

massive income generator-session1The last Workshop was a FULL HOUSE Packed to the Door!


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Satisfaction-Guaranteed-PNGOne of my friends, a 27 year old average Singaporean, who is a Millionaire Internet Marketing Guru has been generating a 6 figure income each month consistently over the last 2 years, without selling anything online.

He has finally agreed to reveal what is the Little Known Secrets he has been using to cranking out Cash from the internet at this workshop.

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Massive Income Generator

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Date: 24th May 2014, Saturday
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Complimentary Copy of Value Investing Made Easy Worth S$19.00 Included! Collection of book at workshop only.

In this book, you’ll find out how simple it is to become a millionaire investor, even if you have zero experience with stock investing and hate staring at numbers and stock charts! Through simple, easy-to-understand pictures, graphics and examples, you’ll discover how the power and philosophy of value investing.


I’ll see you at the seminar,

Ken Chee

P.S. This is NOT a get-rich-quick programme. If you’re looking for that, i’m not the ones to help you. I’m here to teach you how you can build sustainable, long-term wealth by investing in great, honest, ethical companies that will grow in value and pay you profits for a lifetime.

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